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Welcome to my technology blog. Below is a list of commentaries, observations, and ramblings. Feel free to meander through my thoughts, opinions, and speculations regarding the current state of computer programming and the modern realm of software engineering.

Switching to Jamstack

Author: Brian King | Date: Wednesday 26th January 2022, 9 hours ago | Status: Work in progress

It's been awhile.

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Welcome to the FAGANN stack - 2 of 2

Author: Brian King | Date: Tuesday 16th June 2020, 2 years ago | Status: Published

In a previous article, we had a quick look at the elements that make up a technology stack. Then we had a peek at dynamic websites that are built using the client-server model and single page apps. Then we compared dynamic pages to static pages. And finally I ended the article by wondering if dynamic content - à la single page apps - is still possible in a world of static pages? This write-up hopes to answer that question.

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An introduction to technology stacks - 1 of 2

Author: Brian King | Date: Monday 15th June 2020, 2 years ago | Status: Published

Software engineers are constantly presented with new languages, new frameworks, and new libraries. Our magpie attraction to "new and shiny" trinkets is never satisfied. We actively trawl the Internet for the latest technical innovations and current programming trends. But we also have fun assembling the least amount of technology that achieves the most amount of work.

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Is NZ ready for the next pandemic?

Author: Brian King | Date: Thursday 14th May 2020, 2 years ago | Status: Published

How did your country respond to the COVID-19 outbreak? Here in New Zealand, our government said "Go home, stay home, and don't come out until it's safe!!" No one wanted to die from a modern-day plague, so we all went to our bubbles* and sat there for 6 weeks. Most of us found something to do. Some of us twiddled our thumbs. No-one died in a car crash over Easter. (The last time that happened was 2012.)

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Use MomentJS with VuePress

Author: Brian King | Date: Monday 11th May 2020, 2 years ago | Status: Published

A static site is made up of HTML files, CSS files, and JavaScript (JS) files. A static site generator uses raw data (like markdown files) and templates to generate HTML, CSS, and JS files.

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My first post

Author: Brian King | Date: Friday 24th April 2020, 2 years ago | Status: Published

This is my first post. Actually, it's a technology test but I have to start somewhere. In my experience, "somewhere" is hardly ever "over the rainbow", and my dog's question of "Where's my ball?" is typically answered with "Somewhere over the neighbours fence."

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